Marketing Strategies That Are Working Now

 Marketing Strategies

That Are Working For You

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When it comes to Marketing your business online there is so many ways, techniques and marketing strategies   you can get lost very easily if you start copying what everyone else is doing,  and not doing what you love, what resonates with you and what comes easy for you.

Marketing Strategies That Are Working Now

Marketing Strategies That Are Working Now

Pick Your Marketing Strategy

Everyone is different and everyone has unique personality and talent.

It is crucial to find  what you like to do or better yet what you love to do and implement in in your business.

That way you will be motivated to do it every day and it won’t feel like work and you’ll be enjoying what you do.

If you don’t have the results that you want it quite yet just take a moment and ask yourself this two questions:

1. What is it that I really want? 

– is it to be a speaker…

-a leader of a huge team…

-the facebook go to person…

 -the YouTube expert… etc…

2. What I need to do to become that person? 

– make a list, write it down

write down everything you know how to do,

what marketing strategy you are enjoying the most,

what are you good at & what you needs to be improve,

what you need to learn,

where to find material,

people, courses…etc

Write it all down!

Would you feel stronger when you know that you are the expert?

This will help you to truly discover yourself and your straights. There was that time not too long ago before I found MLSP I was lost too, it was painful and depressing to watch everyone doing great  and telling you:

“You should do this…” and “you should do That…”

And trying to follow everyone is the biggest mistake you can make in your online career as a marketer.

This is when you just start spinning in circles.


Marketing Strategies That Are Working Now

Marketing Strategies That Are Working Now

What I learned from MLSP did change my marketing and my business.

First I was digging into all the trainings that they have available,

then I start meeting all these awesome leaders and learning  from them,

from their failures  and successes… ‘Yes!’

They share everything four times a week on our live trainings.

After all the these trainings and connections with all the members,

I started to pay attention on how the whole system works how they do it

and what makes MLSP so successful and  how can I implement

it in my business and most importantly

how can I pass it on to you. What can You take out of this?

And I am going to paint for you one little piece of the whole picture,

so you can see how you can use it grow your business.

So important if you can just take that and deployed it to your business

and I promise you, you will Rock your business and the sky’s the limit!

The biggest secret that hides behind My Lead System Pro is  is


‘Value’, ‘Relationship’ and ‘Commitment’


These 3 Things are the Base and the Key of their Success! 

1.  They are making it easy for everyone to get in and get it going!

2. When you are a part of something you feel important, and they give you that.

3. When you are new and you don’t have value to attract customers &

to stand out in your niche they give you value and train you how to use it,

so you can brand yourself and become the Leader in your prospect’s eye.

And here is how they keep up: 

Daily calls, morning calls and 4 times per week. Live webinars hosted by different leaders and because everyone has different talent and mastered different marketing strategy there is some new tips for everyone no matter what strategy you are using.

One week we have training on ‘How to generate leads with Facebook’ the next week is SEO, Youtube, Instagram…etc

All this training calls are free for the public 

You just want to  register and you learn what’s working ‘Now’ online, so you’ll stay on top of it.

This is how they lead with value and why they are so successful. That is how you build a successful business. Thats what MLSP is all about, it’s about you and building you as a leader and giving you the tools that you need to build your business.

When you are ready –

find your greatness,

your strength,

find your marketing strategy,

take action lead with value,

stay consistent  and

become the person that you are meant to Be!

As always thank you for visiting! love to hear from you, share your thoughts in the comments below.

Now Go Crash it!

 Till Next Time, Take Care & Stay Cool!

Emi Koulev




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  • Mark

    Reply Reply January 22, 2015

    Excellent advice Emi!

    Even though I’m not currently in the home based business industry,, I still follow the excellent training offered by the MLSP training platform.

    Plus, I’m currently on the list of several of it’s top leaders list as well!

    Thanks for sharing such excellent advice!
    Mark recently posted…Seven Things Adversity Taught Me That I Really Didn’t Want To Learn!My Profile

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