Success Is In your DNA

Success Is In your DNA

Just finished the book “Crush it”

by Gary Vaynerchuk


Success is in your DNA

Really great book,

Garry is so authentic in his book its just

impossible not to fall in love with everything he is saying.

He is talking about authenticity

and your DNA. This is so deep I wanted to share

because sometimes we think is cool to pretend

and create an image  that people kinda expect you to have

and this is where you sabotage yourself.

The concept between authenticity and your DNA

 is very closely related but is different.

It is very important to be authentic and true to yourself

so people can relate to you, like and trust you

but you have to see who you really are

and that is your DNA.

Your DNA

Success is in your DNA

Your success is in your DNA-

What that even means?

Your DNA is who you truly are,

your passion, it is what you are born to do,

it’s your purpose.

And when you pursue your passion,

you’ll get nothing but  Joy out of it.

So you love what you do and

you share your unique talent with the world

and here comes the authenticity.

You do it your way, because this is who you are!

Stop ignoring it! Stop pretending!

Accept that not everyone  will like you,

but the ones that will…

Success is in your DNA

Success is in your DNA

I will never forget when I was little girl

there was a group of girls from my class,

that everyone admires

and there was I…


Success is in your DNA

In their eyes I was super weird,

because i would rather go home and draw pictures

that I like from magazines and just you know

by myself, when I could be out there looking pretty…

Did I feel good about what they were saying? – No!

Did I like it? – No!

It was painful,

but I get to go home and paint…

Have to tell you, it was sooo worthed!

That was my happy place 🙂

This is what I am talking about…

It is that thing that drives you bananas…

What is it that you love to do and you never can get tired of it?

What is it that makes your heart race?

What makes you smile?

What makes you feel like the king or the queen in your field?

 I would love to hear what is it for you,

share your passion below 🙂

Now Go Crash it!

Till Next Time,
Take Care & Stay Cool!

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